ACODS works closely with a number of stakeholders including Federal, State and Territory Governments and regulatory bodies, accreditation councils, dental associations and societies, NGOs, and the community.

ACODS members have had representation in areas such as the National Oral Health Plan; workforce projections and needs; academic standards; clinical placements; rural and remote dental access; health care delivery systems; speciality training and national registration and accreditation. ACODS meet with key government and industry stakeholders such as the Australian Dental Council; Australian Dental Industry Association; Australian Dental Association and Dental Board of Australia on a regular basis to discuss how best to reach our common goals of provision of excellence in health care to our populations.


The Australasian Council of Dental Schools (ACODS) is the peak body in Australia and New Zealand providing informed decision-making dental education and research advice to government and non-government sectors. 

ACODS members include Australian and New Zealand Deans and Heads of Dental and Oral Health education providers in the professions of dentistry, dental hygiene, dental therapy, oral health therapy, dental prosthetics, and dental technology. 

ACODS is committed to leadership, innovation and continuous improvement of education and the advancement of research that will benefit the oral and general health of individuals and communities in Australia and New Zealand and broader internationally. 

ACODS welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with dental, health, education and industry stakeholders to achieve common goals to improve dental education and research in Australia and New Zealand.


Chair Australasian Council of Dental Schools